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Aug. 31st, 2013


Hey! LJ is a thing!

I haven't posted to my LJ in 80 bajilion years, but I'm at Dragon Con right now, and I don't feel like browsing my tumblr on a hotel computer, thankyewverymuch. Even if I'm around the sort of people who would understand if a few tits showed up. BUT HEY I'M NOT DEAD AND HAVING FUN AND I'LL SAY MORE ONCE I GET MY HANDS ON MY LAPTOP.

Apr. 24th, 2012


What even is my life?

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Dec. 25th, 2011



We're having a good one over here at my house. Among other things, I got a lot of tea and Doctor Who related gifts (including a TARDIS mug), clothes, a graphic novel biography of Hergé, the steampunk bible, and all the ingredients for a Dark and Stormy because my dad is the best. All my gifts seemed to go over well. Dad went overboard a bit, as usual. Mom temporarily forgot where she hid one of dad's gifts and we got to hear her hysterical laughter from the basement.

My sister got sick earlier this morning, probably from something she ate at the party last night, but she seems fine now. The parents are going out for a walk, but I don't think we have any plans to go visit anyone today, which suits me fine. Later on we're going to open up the hamper and see what kind of food everyone bought.

Merry Christmas.

Dec. 11th, 2011

el dorado

Whelp, what am I going to do now that I've fucked up my life?

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Oct. 2nd, 2011



Well I liked it.Collapse )

Aug. 15th, 2011


How to make a film student happy

My uncle just lent me his Bolex.





I wish I'd known he had one earlier. I'd pretty much given up on the hope of ever filming during the summer because the school wouldn't lend me one because they were all off being repaired and these things cost $75 a day to rent from Boston. Not going to happen.

It came up in conversation because he had a Strong Bad ring tone and so I mentioned that Strong Sad used a Bolex like I did at school and he just happens to mention that he has an old Bolex in his basement. I went all O-O and asked him if I could borrow it, pretty please and he said yes! It's in my car right now and it has it's own carrying case and set of light filters and a shotgun grip and is just generally nicer than the ones I use at school. I am so chuffed right now.

I still need to take it into the film shop to see if the mildew has damaged it in any way but it looks fine to me. I just relish the idea of having all of my filming done before I go back to school so I'll have a full five weeks to edit before my extension runs out.

Jul. 24th, 2011


I'm still here

Sorry that I haven't been around LJ for awhile. Tumblr has kind of eaten my life like that (I'm there under the same name as here, FYI). I'll probably post here more often once Doctor Who is back on the air and I have something to ramble about again. The stuff I've seen lately (Captain America, X-Men: First Class, Thor) is great and all, but it's not really ramble-worthy. Well, maybe X-Men is a little. Plus, my life is boring as shit right now, so there's nothing to post about on that front.

I finally got around to de-following an RP group that I was never going to be able to keep up with reading, and I felt stupidly guilty about it. I feel guilty about the most random things, I swear.

Jun. 25th, 2011


My parents are driving me nuts.

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Jun. 13th, 2011



Mom found my cigarettes.

Mom seems to have forgotten that awkward conversations make me giggle.

Mom probably shouldn't reach into my purse without my explicit say so in the future.

Mom should probably stay out of my sister's purse as well, for different reasons.

Jun. 5th, 2011


A Good Man Goes to War

And my reactions to it.Collapse )

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